Hashilus is a content creating company specialized in VR development. We offer broad kinds of VR development overall, but excel especially in planning and developing location-based VR attractions dedicated to events, amusement parks and other leisure facilities in one-stop.

With a synergy of the latest VR technology and Hashilus' original arcade cabinet, we create a premium experience incorporating bodily sensations in one-stop.


Creating a Leading-edge
  • Creating Attractions
  • Creating IP Contents
  • Product Merchandising and Rental
  • Custom-made Content Creating


Applying data and insight obtained from contents creating to industry and education
  • Consultation
  • Collaboration in Simulator Production
  • Lobbying Campaign to Related Organizations
  • Seminars and Lectures


Hashilus has been producing VR contents since 2014, while various VR business started to take place in Japan. We combine the High-end VR headsets and our original hardware that incorporates bodily sensations to create rich and interactive VR contents, and have been adopted by many amusement venues. We also develop contents based on comics and animes.

VR Contents of Hashilus and their Features

FUll Body Dive to VR World - Zamami Rocket Jump

Full Body Dive to VR World

One major feature that most of Hashilus' contents have in common is where it allows the players to use an entire body to draw on all of human body sensation.


Dynamic Experience while Preventing VR Sickness

VR sickness is one of the challenges we all face. Hashilus takes an advantage on several causes of such problem using profuse know-hows and unique hardwares in order to deliver a dynamic VR experience while preventing sickness as mucha s possible.


“I want to try it” at the first sight

While VR offers a deep immersion to the player, the surrounding audience usually have no idea what is going on. Hashulus always keep “Exposure” in mind while creating contents to make them appealing from the outside and appeal to the beginners.

Hashilus Race

Maximizing Efficiency

VR attractions are prone to wasting time and operation cost for briefing and goggle management. This is a critical factor that directly affects the turnover rate in events and earning rate in amusement facilities. VR attractions of Hashilus maximizes the efficiency per area and content time and benefits to the yield by minimizing the attending cost and a multiplaying feature.

Merits of High-end VR


Hashilus specialize in content production using a High-end VR system. SIgnificant features of it are as follows:

  • Smooth and high-definition graphics using the latest high-powered PC and high performance goggles
  • Roomscale- Players could freely walk around a wide area
  • Cooperative and versus play in multiplayers feature
  • By using controllers, players could make an action such as holding and throwing an object in the VR environment
  • What happens in the virtual world could be directly reflected to the players’ bodily sensations, in a form of wind, vibration, etc

Although the 360 degrees VR movie filmed in a 360 degrees camera is one of the most affordable VR contents to produce, it is restricted to just watching the prefilmed movies. On the other hand, a High-end VR makes a high quality experience possible by factors listed above.

VREX VRキャプテン翼

General Know-hows in High-end VR Content Creating

A high-end VR offers an exceptional experience value, but also requires various kinds of proficient and complex know-hows including: software development, VR system regulation, hardware development, operation in the actual environment.

Graphic and UI Development
Graphic that maximizes the immersion
Friendly user interface
Software Development
A "pleasing" play feeling
Advanced technology such as a multiplayer feature
VR Syetem Regulation
Utilizing significant specs of high-end VR
such as display, controllers, sensors
Producing Sensory Hardwares
Sensation that connects virtual and real world
Increasing the level of immersion and preventing VR sickness
Designing and Operating Contents
Designing the roration rate and staff attendance under real operating condition
Operation, maintenance, support after installation

Factors listed above complexly influence each other and therefore is ideal to create contents from end to end in one system.

Hashilus makes a general production system possible. We actualize above factors in the best condition and guarantee its quality.

Production of Original Sonsory Hardware

Hashilus has a significant advantage in VR sensory hardwares. Here are some of the many merits in involving a sensory hardware to VR:

  • Elevates the atmosphere and increases the level of immersion
  • Gives an appropriate sensory feedback to make the content feel more realistic and prevent VR sickness
  • Encourages the target who have never played the content to play
  • Could install money counter and instruction sheet to reduce attending time

Hashilus designs a sensory hardware internally and can create various hardware that makes a great synergy with the content, from scratch.

Our sensory hardware can also be adopted to the customers' preexistent content, and it is also possible to design and produce an autocouture product.

Examples of Hashilus made sensory hardwares

Soccer Experience

Soccer Experience

Swing type ride

Swing type ride

Motion VR platform like a personal transporter

A motion VR platform like a personal transporter

Motion VR Platform imitating the magic carpet

A motion VR Platform imitating the magic carpet


A motion VR Platfrom imitating the human cannon

VR horse riding machine

VR Horse riding machine

Production, Merchandising, Rental of VR Contents

We provide solutions listed below to the customers who wish to employ our VR contents.

Product Rental

Renting VR content and attractions in a package. Effective for a Pop-up event, advertisement, etc.

Product Merchandising

Vending VR content and attractions in a package. Could be installed to amusement facilities, malls, etc. A single item purchase of the hardware is also available for ones who wish to combine their original content.

Custom made Production

Producing a custom made VR content and hardware to meet the clients' demand, from content development, operation support and hardware mass production, all in one-stop.


Hashilus has been conducting various VR content production since 2014 and released contents to countless amusement facilities, events and exhibitions. We constantly obtain valuable feedbacks from users and apply them to the future contents development.

Hashilus accept questions and concerns regarding the application of VR to business, education and training, in order to benefit to the industries and companies.

VR Consultation

Hashilus has accumulated various knowledge from the past VR content production and operation. We take advantage of these insights to consult regarding VR exploitation, and support production of machines such as simulators.


Akihiro Ando, the CEO of Hashilus also serves as a representative of Location-based VR Association, and is deeply involved in the promotion of the industry.

Application of VR to Education and Training

One of the merits of VR is its authenticity, which could be effectively applied to education and training. We accept unique consultation and production of VR dedicated to such field like: spreading awareness of disaster prevention through fire drills, employee training of various procedures, on-job training in medical fields and nursing care, and more.


The Driving Simulator developed by Hashilus is currently being used for a demonstration experiment of traffic safety, and could also be applied for other purposes.

Application of VR to Tourism, Real Estate and ceremonies

Employing VR to tourism and real estate industries has becomea common approach. However, the combination of Hashilus’ original sensory hardware and VR know-hows makes it possible to create a genuinely interactive and memorable experience that is not limited to simply watching 360 degrees images and videos. As it only requires a small space to deliver a satisfactory sensation, it is also suitable for tourism contents for inbound tourists and integrated resorts.


“Four Seasons World Heritage Drive” by Hashilus is a content where the player drives through Shirakawa-go, Shirakami-sanchi, Kumano-kodo and Himeji Castle in a motorcycle.